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Aug 2018 – Present

Lead Designer


I conducted design based research in low-income public schools in the outskirts of Lima, Peru to understand unique areas of opportunity to improve the quality of learning for these students in an affordable and inclusive way.  www.quiipu.com

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Aug 2018 – Present

Brand Strategist

LeadStag Design Lab.

I work with different accounts to understand their users and their goal. I then design a brand and content strategy to serve those users best and optimize results leveraging data-driven tactics. Using web design and a proper content strategy I devise a digital funnel to deliver results.
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Program Coordinator


I designed programs for the university’s innovation hub:

  • A proof of concept studio that guides individuals from ideas to prototype
  • 2 digital-skills courses in partnership with Google
  • Social Entrepreneurship course for freshmen that had them winning against graduate students at university-wide and then international competitions.
  • A process to help faculty commercialize their research

I also designed and led design thinking workshops for over 600 students and advised the startup accelerator’s cohort members on storytelling, customer value proposition and business models.
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Marketing Manager

Palate Magazine

Led team that designed and implemented magazine’s branding and marketing plan, content strategy and campaigns resulting in 200% the targeted number of submissions. palate.fiu.edu

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Silgon, Inc

Brainstormed, researched and wrote 3-5 articles a day in both English and Spanish. The articles served a content strategy to promote the lifestyle at a real estate project and holiday resort. All articles were published in www.casadecampoliving.com. Was also published in print magazine TODO Casa de Campo with longer editorial pieces.

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BBA, Marketing

Florida International University

I focused my studies on digital marketing and social innovation.

  • Led strategic roadmap, market research, customer acquisition and user experience design of mobile app for food waste reduction on campus
  • Won Best Design out of 60 teams at hackathon as only business student
  • iChange FIU finalist and Miami Business Plan Challenge winner out of 32 companies
  • Chosen as only non-PhD student to be part of StartUP FIU fellowship
  • Honors College Graduate
  • Dean’s List every semester
  • Magna Cum Laude Graduate
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