The Question

How can we empower low-income youth of Lima to create value in the 21st Century?

The Design Process



This included student shadowing, 1-on-1 interviews with the teachers and principals, and group interviews and activities with the students such as Design Your Life workshops.


We gathered our data, identified patterns and themes, drew out insights, identified problems and proceeded to brainstorm ideas for those problems and combine those ideas into concepts.


We picked what to prototype from our ideas, proceeding to focus on the class content theme we had identified. This included design thinking workshops, digital skills workshops with the students and design thinking challenges with teachers to solve their most pressing problem to create good content.

User Acquisition

To get partners and schools to work with us we had to:

  • Create an identity
  • A website that told our story
  • Design a program with clear phases, requirements, dates and detailed explanation of the activities that would be taking place in the schools.