ID Art Supply is an art store in Miami, FL. Currently, their eCommerce experience makes it very difficult for a customer to find what they need and check out successfully. The goal of this project was to understand why and design an experience that would allow customers to shop through the online store successfully.


2 Weeks




Solo UX Designer leading end-to-end process
Before Salient

Hand rolling code is fun sometimes, but not ideal for getting projects done quickly or allowing clients to maintain pages.

With Salient

Salient provides you a highly customized version of Visual Composer bundled with unique elements all available for use via the drag & drop interface.

My Process

Users on Original Website

I conducted usability tests of the original website and these were some of the user’s reactions.

“This is giving me anxiety”

“I would have left the page a long time ago”

“I can’t navigate this”

Patterns Found From Users

I dug deeper into the why’s behind users’ reactions through open questions and interviewing during the initial usability test. After affinity diagramming the data from the usability tests and interviews I was able to identify the following:


  • I instinctively use search to find what I need.
  • I’m used to looking for categories based on the type of art.
  • I value sales and recommendations from other artists.

Pain Points

  • I felt overwhelmed by the amount of text and lack of hierarchy.
  • I didn’t understand what I was buying. Need clear descriptions and images.
  • I felt the checkout was sketchy and out to scam me.

While the above were common across all users two distinct types of shoppers did emerge from the research.

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