Food waste from restaurants is a $25 billion problem. College campuses hold a conglomerate of restaurants throwing away food while housing thousands of students on a very tight budget.

We created an app that would connect the two via flash sales. Restaurants post their excess food at a discount on the app, students are notified of the flash sale and are able to order for pickup.

The app won Best Design and StateFarm’s favorite at MangoHacks 2017.

For its business aspect, we won 2nd place at the Miami Herald Pitch Competition. Besides leading the strategic roadmap, market research, and customer acquisition efforts, I also designed the company branding, website, and print material which can be seen below.

Through testing we realized the app’s best application is to connect surplus food from events and restaurants to homeless students who are part of the Fostering Panther Pride program. The app has now been adopted by FIU as PantherChow.


Food Waste Prevention App



What Was Done
  • UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design,
  • Logo & Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Copywriting.

Design Process

I designed the UX/UI of the app and performed project management for its development. Through customer interviews, we found the toughest side of the marketplace would be the restaurants.

A successful solution needed to be:

  • Quick and with little extra effort
  • Smooth and intuitive

Restaurants didn’t do anything about their food waste because it required too many man-hours.

The UX for the students needed to be:

  • Clean and appealing
  • Have very little steps
  • Low Price Visible
  • A sense of limited quantity/urgency
  • Have clarity of place and time of pickup

Logo Design

Color & material

Warm colors were chosen to reflect the warmth and coziness of food for a college student. At the same time, a deep orange is more eye-catching and relays more urgency than any cool color. Due to this no green or blues were used. The contrast against white and dark greys keep it clean and the focus on the oranges and yellow.

Dark Jaffa Orange


Yellow Sea




Stationery Design

Simple, clean, showing our colors and our logo...and squares because we felt like it.

Graphic Design for Print Media

These were utilized as part of business development efforts. I created the graphic design as well as the written copy. We got over 100 students to sign up and landed a pilot with one of the campus restaurants.

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