Hi! I'm Eliana

Experience designer and writer happy to dance
at the intersection of art and science.

I design to understand the world better, and I write to understand myself better.
With my work with brands, as well as my work in social entrepreneurship and education,
I explore how we influence human behavior through the data-driven design of words and experiences.

Looking to Bring the Power

of Design to Your Brand?

Here are some of the services I offer
Content Creation
Marketing Strategy
Web Design
Graphic Design
UI Design
Human-Centered Designer

Using Design as a Tool for Social Innovation

I’m passionate about tackling our social problems and have used design thinking to tackle their complexity. From building an app to reduce food waste on campus to helping public school teachers in Lima design solutions for their most pressing problem and building programs that teach the principles of design, my experiences in human-centered design lie at the core of who I am as a professional.

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Writer and Poet

Exploring thoughts through verse and prose.

I write about subjects ranging from personal growth, startups, education, and emotions. Through writing I develop a relationship with myself, and through writing, I have learned to connect with other souls. This has allowed me to use storytelling to help brands also connect with their tribe.

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